What are the top advantages of working on Node.js framework?

September 10, 2019
node js developers

Node.js is one of the open-source runtime system that was originally developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. It was designed to widen the capabilities of JavaScript to the servers. It is a platform that makes use of an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model for creating faster and highly efficient web applications.

Due to its efficient performance, Node.js Programmer has proven to be the perfect choice for building real-time applications that are data intensive. The built-in libraries allow the applications to function as web servers. This framework is also suitable for the websites that have expected to experience an increase in their number of users. The applications that are created by Node.js can effectively run on different servers that include UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and others.

Some of the popular reasons that determine the advantage of choosing Node.js as one of the best frameworks for frontend development includes:-

•  Speed

By using Node.js environment, a developer can effectively build scalable and faster network applications using the fast execution provided by JavaScript. The event loop and single-threaded model allows the developers to handle the request for multiple client requests which is one of the main reasons of choosing Node.js as the most preferred language for developing web applications thus consume less memory.

•  Make data sharing easier

Node.js makes the reusing, sharing and updating of library codes quite easier. Thus, if the developers face any problem, then Node.js can instantly provide the solution.

•  Effective data synchronization between server and client

Node.js makes the faster transfer of data between the server and client and with the help of nodejs, JavaScript can effectively be written on both the server and client-side.

•  Useful for designing Real-time applications

Node.js is a well-suited platform for building various real-time applications. It can also be used for developing games.  

•  Use of Package Manager

The Node Package Manager (NPM) is the backbone of Node.js as it makes it easy for the developers to move small applications across different providers. The Node Package Manager (NPM) is a simple and dependable system that allows a Nodejs developer to participate in the growth of the Node ecosystem.

•  Instrumentation

With the advancement in technology, there are some areas in the field of development that requires more tools, documentation and best practices, thus, Node.js is said to have a solid foundation in all these areas. It contains all the tools that are necessary for taking an application to production standards.

Thus, Node.js is the best solution for resolving all the Web problems and it is the most suitable framework for developing ultramodern enterprise applications. This framework enables the web developers and programmers to develop entire web application in JavaScript, which includes both server and client-sides. It is the most suitable platform for building highly-scalable web applications.  

As there are several advantages offered by nodejs framework, therefore, many business organizations preferred to hire nodejs developer for developing various kinds of web applications.

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